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Thursday, April 29, 2010

SBC connects with eCommerce clients

Atlanta-based fulfillment company, SBC Fulfillment has made it
even easier for AbleCommerce customers
to save money and streamline their shipping process.

SBC built
the AbleCommerce
as a bridge for existing clients of AbleCommerce to
integrate into SBC Fulfillment’s services with the click of a button.
Before this connector, client information would have be entered up to
three times before it could be sent to the end customer.

wanted an automated process that would allow companies using
AbleCommerce to flow directly into our Warehouse Management System with
zero hassle”, says SBC Fulfillment President, Brian Schoenbaechler. This
would also give current AbleCommerce clients the power to evaluate
their current fulfillment needs and costs and weigh the option of
switching to SBC. "Even with a significant savings, the downtime
sometimes associated without having this connector can be tedious”, says

For clients that have websites built on
AbleCommerce software, the order is sent in real-time across an
encrypted connection into SBC's Warehouse Management System, SmartTurn. Once
the order is received, SBC's warehouse packages, ships and sends that
tracking information to the AbleCommerce client and to their end
customer as well. 

The AbleCommerce Connector is the second
connector released by SBC, the first one Magento
launched last summer. "We are always looking for ways to
deliver faster and more accurate services to our clients and to their
end customers through technology", says Schoenbaechler.

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